Discord Bot Hosting

Affordable, premium and fast servers to host your powerful Discord bot

AppBox 0.5GB
512 MB
1.49 € / mo
AppBox 1GB
1024 MB
2.99 € / mo
AppBox 1.5GB
1536 MB
4.49 € / mo
AppBox 2GB
2048 MB
5.99 € / mo
Our Discord hosting runs on an emulated Linux machine, and as such you can run Linux commands to install tools or packages that are used by your bot!
We do not wipe your files whenever you restart or rebuild your service so you can host your own SQLite database or configurable JSON files without any issues whatsoever!
Sadly you may experience issues trying to connect to most music providers, and this is why we offer premium Lavalink hosting for all Discord bots completely for FREE!
We support all major programming languages and a variety of versions, feel free to code your Discord bot at the language of your preference and experience no issues hosting it on our premium hardware!
It is completely possible to run more than one bots in one service! But do beware, even if our hardware is extremely powerful, you will run into limitations trying to host more than one bots at the same time.
We do! You can listen to connections on port 2000 and using our easy-to-use subdomain system you can receive or transmit webhook or other network events easily for your bot needs!

Our servers are built to last with the fastest speeds on the market for your services, to provide extreme performance and never have any issues again!


All servers networking traffic is passing through strong active and passive DDoS filters to detect DDoS attacks within seconds and prevent downtime from DDoS attacks!


Do not fear losing your files ever again! We take daily backups on all services, and we can provide a copy at any point of time, just make a ticket!


Our professional support team is there for all your inquiries 24/7/365! Do not hesitate to contact us for any issues or questions you have, we are here for you!


Feeling unsatisfied? We offer a full money-back guarantee within the first 14 days if you are not satisfied with your service!


Running our custom control panel and software to host your services allows us to provide one of the best experiences and performance on the market!